What if Alison wasn’t ever hit or buried. What if what Mrs. D saw and was covering for was Alison hitting the other girl to fake her own death? We know that that was ultimately what Alison wanted to do after that night. It certainly takes some of the confusion out of wondering why somebody would try to kill Ali, let Jessica bury her, and then fake the whole thing all over again with mystery girl. Maybe crazy really does run in that family. As many of us are assuming, it had to be somebody that Jessica really wanted to protect to involve herself in hiding a murder. Maybe we can throw Ali back in to the A category (building from this theory) Maybe she was working with Mona. A lot of her stories don’t add up right? And then there was that pesky little remark in her journal about wanting to use everyone’s secrets to get herself out of Rosewood. Could this all have just been another (really big) Ali-stunt? A game?